Our Approach to Theatre and AV Multimedia Design

We are an independent consulting and design office only. We do not sell equipment or represent manufacturers or suppliers.

Our primary goal is to provide the right solutions at the most reasonable cost.

We select equipment and systems for our clients based upon their needs. We begin by listening to our clients, to fully understand their current and future needs.

Through this process, we arrive at a design to meet these needs within our client’s budget. We select the best technology to optimize results and minimize cost. We select equipment for ease of use and durability.

We also act on behalf of the owner to manage the project through the tendering, construction, and completion phases, ensuring coordination between our work and that of the other consultants and full compliance by suppliers and installers.

Through competitive bidding during the tender phase, clients typically recover our design fees. Because we are impartial consultants, we supervise the work on behalf of the client and ensure that our client’s expectations are fully met.