University of Windsor Centre for Engineering Innovation

This new facility will house the Faculty of Engineering academic offices, instructional and research labs, classrooms and student study and activity spaces.

A variety of teaching styles and lesson content will be accommodated in the lecture halls and classrooms: “standard” lectures, “show and tell” demonstrations, front of room multi-media presentations, brainstorming and interaction, break-out groups with teaching assistants, and future web casting and/or distance learning. AV Multimedia systems are being designed to support all of these uses in the rooms.

The lecture theatres will have clusters of AV technology that will allow students to work collaboratively in smaller groups, then present their work to the entire class on screens at the front.

The building is being designed for LEED Gold certification.








Location: Windsor, Ontario
Project Owner: University of Windsor
Date Completed: Current Project
Construction Budget: $80 million
AV Systems Budget: $1.2 million
Architects: B+H Architects
Image Credit: B+H Architects and Novita