Stephen Hawking Centre at the Perimeter Institute

Novita designed presentation systems for the original building as well as for this addition, which doubles the capacity of this theoretical physics research and outreach institute.

Rooms in the new addition that required AV systems include two bistros, renovations to the existing auditorium, a green room/news room, seminar rooms, meeting rooms, lounges, and interaction areas. Upgrades to existing systems were also a part of the scope.

AV systems include a multimedia broadcast facility, fixed and mobile recording functionality to support the capture of lectures and presentations, HD infrastructure, camera and processing equipment, background music and live entertainment capabilities, room combining/dividing, and recording cameras for the interaction areas.

The Institute records many lectures and webcasts. The quality of these productions required improvement, which Novita was able to accomplish in part through upgrading the video switcing system. Infrastructure for collaborating in real time with researchers at other institutions was included, for a future time when (it is assumed that) technology to enable this will be commonly available.








Location: Waterloo, Ontario
Project Owner: Perimeter Institute for Theoretical Physics
Date Completed: 2011
Cost: $35 million
Architects: Teeple Architectes
Image Credit: Perimeter Institute