North Toronto Collegiate Institute

To fund a new, state of the art school, the Toronto District School Board partnered with private developer Tridel. The school is tied to two condominium towers, 24 and 27 storeys. Students at North Toronto Collegiate now have the opportunity to learn using professional-quality theatrical systems and equipment.

Music and theatre are an important part of school life. The 400-seat auditorium is primarily a room for musical performances, with a permanent orchestra shell around the stage. For theatrical presentations, the side walls of the shell pivot open to provide masking for the backstage wings.

As a private, residential tower is directly above the stage house, extensive sound isolation is required. The theatre is built as a building within a building, to eliminate sound transfer through vibration.

In addition to the auditorium, there is a drama room for which Novita designed the systems and equipment.







Location: Toronto, Ontario
Project Owner: Toronto District School Board
Date Completed: 2010
Project Cost: $52 million
Architect: CS+P Architects, in association with Burka Architect
Image Credit: Tom Arban