Markham Theatre for Performing Arts

The Town of Markham is a city in York Region which borders on the northeast boundaries of Metropolitan Toronto. Markham was one of the first areas to be affected by the boom of the 1970s which saw its population grow from 40,000 in 1980 to 120,000 by 1990. With the nearest theatres in downtown Toronto, the civic leaders decided in the late 1970s that a theatre was a very high community priority. As proof of their foresight, this 530 seat theatre has been fully booked right from its first year of operation.

The theatre is located beside Unionville High School. The school offers a specialized, intensive, four year Arts Unionville program for which students must audition. Students are awarded a certificate upon completion. The opportunity for students to have access to a professionally-equipped theatre contributes greatly to the success of this program.








Location: Markham, Ontario
Project Owner:
Town of Markham
Date Completed:
Project Cost:
$5 million
CS+P Architects
Image credit:
Tim Leyes