Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre

The Elgin and Winter Garden Theatre Centre is a National Historic Site, operated by the Ontario Heritage Trust (OHT.) Built in 1913 as a vaudeville house, it is the last operating double-decker theatre in the world. The ornate theatres were fully restored in the 1980s.

In 2009, the OHT commissioned Novita to assess the facility’s theatrical systems and equipment, and make recommendations and provide cost estimates for their retention, enhancement, or replacement. Most systems and equipment in the Centre dates from the 1980s renovation.

Novita’s report organized improvements according to importance, safety being the first priority. As part of our investigation, we prepared an interactive asset management database containing information such as the year the equipment was purchased, its life expectancy, safety concerns, and photos. This database was provided to the OHT in order to manage its assets through an ongoing maintenance program that was established as a result of our study. Novita also created a budget for the future capital replacement of theatrical systems and equipment.



        Location: Toronto, Ontario
        Project Owner:
Ontario Heritage Trust
        Date Completed:
        Image Credit:
Elgin and Winter Garden/Ontario Heritage Trust