Celebration Square

Celebration Square is a flexible event space in the heart of Canada's 6th largest city. A permanent stage has been created at the far end of the Square, flanked by video screens. Novita designed the audio, lighting, and rigging systems. As the Square is surrounded by condo towers, sound control is important.

The directional loudspeakers are a key sound control feature of the audio system. The cardioid subwoofers produce the same sound frequency out of the back of the unit as the front, but in an opposing phase. This has the effect of greatly diminishing the sound emanating from behind. The speakers cover the Square with clear performance sound, yet behind the stage, the sound of traffic is louder.

For complete versatility, speakers are placed throughout the Square, arranged in zones. For large events, a sound delay is employed farther from the stage so that the amplification seems more natural. The LED screens have adjustable column speakers on either side, enabling the sound to be directed.

Multiple mix positions through numerous in-ground connections and cable ports are compatible with any control console. The City retains full control over decibel levels with a control processor that can override any inputs.

The backbone of all of these performance systems is digital signal processing though fibre optic cable. The advantages of fibre optic over copper cable is increased bandwidth, greater signal integrity over distances, and the ability to employ multiple power sources.




Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Project Owner: City of Mississauga
Date Completed: 2011
Project Cost: $40 million
Architect: CS+P Architects
Image Credit: Shai Gill and Novita


Celebration Square won the Award of Excellence at the 2011 Mississauga Urban Design Awards! Congratulations to the team.