Burnhamthorpe Library Theatre

Constructed in 1974, the Burnhamthorpe Library required upgrading and modernization. In addition to improving accessibility and introducing self-service technology, the entrance and lobby were redesigned as multiuse spaces.

Novita designed new audio and video for the lobby, and reviewed and updated the existing theatre systems. In order to comply with the Ontario Building Code and City health and safety guidelines, a new motorized front-of-house lighting system was installed. The new front-of-house lights can be raised and lowered, eliminating the need to climb ladders to change and focus fixtures.

This project received a City of Mississauga Urban Design Award of Merit.











Location: Mississauga, Ontario
Project Owner: City of Mississauga
Date Completed: 2011
Cost: $16.6 million
Architect: ZAS Architects
Image Credit: ZAS Architects