BCL Entertainment Centre

BCL Entertainment Corp, a large concert promoter, planned to build a world-class venue for touring shows to replace Exhibition Stadium at the Canadian National Exhibition. The roofless Stadium had been built for sports, and was a less than ideal experience for both the audience and the performers – sightlines, sound quality, and backstage facilities were inadequate. BCL hoped that a first-rate venue would encourage large acts, who were often hesitant to tour in Canada, to come to Toronto.

In partnership with WGD Architects, Novita undertook a two year study to determine the features required to construct the best venue possible. Novita staff, with full backstage access, travelled with U2, the Grateful Dead, the Rolling Stones, and Genesis in order to analyze the shows' move in, set up, strike, and load out at different venues across northeastern North America. Exhaustive notes and photos were taken, and sketches made. Novita interviewed the road crews to understand their needs and gain insight into what would constitute an ideal venue. Tour managers were also interviewed to understand the issues from the bands' perspective.

The resulting study included a time analysis, a space function program, and a report on the required systems and equipment. Though this venue was never built, Novita gained a great deal of insight and became experts on the requirements of large touring shows.